Meet Megan! Bullseye Event Marketing’s August Employee Spotlight

Meet Megan! Bullseye Event Marketing’s August Employee Spotlight

Bullseye Event Marketing is so excited to announce our August Spotlight – Megan! Megan’s drive for success is visible daily and she impacts our team with her vivacious spirit and incredible attitude. Megan graduated from TCU with a degree in advertising and public relations. She LOVES her dog, her family and shoes!! In her free time she enjoys watching criminal justice shows on Netflix, and eating sushi and cheese pizza; don’t forget the ranch dressing! Below, Megan shares some insight as to why she loves being a part of the Bullseye team and the impact she plans to have with the company.

1.      What challenges did you go through that brought you to this company?

When I first came to this company I had just graduated from college, so my biggest thing I was looking for when I came to this company was an opportunity that can allow me to grow and expand my experiences that I learned in school.

2.      What have you learned at this company that you didn’t learn at other jobs in the past?

The biggest thing I’ve learned from this company is how much I can apply myself and the more I apply myself the more results I’m going to see. In past jobs there is always a wall that I would hit when it came to my growth, and after I had met my potential there was really no above and beyond. When I saw this job, it was different from other jobs because I am completely in control of the success I want for myself.

3.      What did you learn during the first weeks to build your identity at the company?

I always tell people that my first weeks in this company I feel like I learned more than any other opportunity I’ve ever had. When it came to building my identity for this company I always knew I had a lot to offer, but I love that I can always be myself and present my skill sets as an opportunity to grow this business in and of itself. I’ve always known that I could be good with people, so because that is such a strength for me I instantly got to jump right in and make it stronger but also use it contribute to this company.

4.      How do you define success with your current position?

As for me and my current position I would define success as limitless. I think there is always room for growth and development, and because of that, success is something I can re-define every day.

5.      How in your development impacting your outlook on your future?

My outlook on my future is definitely more tangible. Not only do I have goals for myself, but they are goals that I know I can achieve with this opportunity. For a very long time I would see my goals for the future as something that I can only hope for, but after being in this position I know my goals are something I can take control of and succeed.

6.      What is your biggest source of motivation to excel?

My biggest source of motivation to excel is my family. My whole life I have been surrounded by family who has been very blessed and I want to be able to provide that exact same opportunity for myself but also for people in my life.

7.      How are you supporting your team members?

My team members are actually my biggest motivation in this business. Seeing others grow and fulfill their own definition of success is something that makes me excited to wake up every morning. I think the biggest support I can provide for my team members is not only my knowledge, but also my willingness to help them improve.

8.      What do you want other team members to learn from your experiences?

I want other team members to know that this is more than just a job but it’s an opportunity to grow not only yourself but others around you. Everyday, you’re going to learn something new. What you’re going to learn may be a very fun lesson, or a more challenging one. Based on my experiences so far in this business, I want everyone to cherish everything they learn. This is an opportunity for growth for yourself and for others so I think it’s important to learn a lot along the way, so you can help those who are going to follow behind you.