The Many Upsides of Joining Our Team

The Many Upsides of Joining Our Team

There are many perks that come with being a member of Team Bullseye Event Marketing. Our people receive all kinds of chances to expand their horizons while sharpening their skill sets.

Callie, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “We provide our team members with paid travel events, including quarterly leadership conferences. These events bring together the top leaders from our region, so the lessons our people learn are invaluable to their career pursuits. Not only that, the insights they bring back to the Bullseye Event Marketing office help our entire team collaborate toward even bigger wins.”

Along with these rewarding excursions, our campaign managers are given wardrobe allowances to buy business clothes. Our assistant managers receive one week of PTO. All our promotional specialists get paid, hands-on training with a tiered bonus structure to inspire great performance. These individuals have opportunities to earn three promotions in a nine to twelve month period.

Callie added, “I’m just a call away when our people need some help or honest feedback. I make myself available for face-to-face meetings every week, during which I help our team members accelerate their progress toward key objectives. This is just one of the ways we invest in our people’s consistent success.”

We’re serious about putting our people in prime position to excel. Learn more about our training efforts by following Bullseye Event Marketing on Twitter.