Our Commitment to Ongoing Training

Our Commitment to Ongoing Training

From the moment they’re hired, members of Team Bullseye Event Marketing learn new concepts. The fact that this is an ongoing process for our branding experts is a big reason for our company’s success.

Callie, our firm’s Director of Operations, remarked, “We don’t use outdated methods or stagnated transition periods when it comes to developing our team members. Instead, we use many methods and platforms to inspire our people to learn. Along with in-office coaching, our branding experts attend regional trainings on a quarterly basis and national conferences held annually.”

New additions to Team Bullseye Event Marketing launch right into hands-on training. “We don’t waste time when we bring people on board,” Callie added. “From their first days on the job, our team members gain real-world experience in our key business processes. Along with interactive marketing and campaign creation concepts, we also train them in HR tasks. Our people learn about managing an office as they refine their promotional skills.”

An extensive training program aids overall team engagement. People want to know their employers are invested in their long-term success. That’s why we continually offer new ways for our people to build their business acumen.

We take ongoing development seriously here at Bullseye Event Marketing HQ. Follow us on Twitter to learn more about our training approach.