Bullseye Event Marketing Presents May’s Spotlight: Abi

Bullseye Event Marketing Presents May’s Spotlight: Abi

Bullseye Event Marketing is excited to announce our May Spotlight – Abi!

What challenges did you go through that brought you to this company?
Jobs that left me without a stable career option and feeling like I wasn’t reaching my fullest potential.

What have you learned at this company that you didn’t learn at other jobs in the past?
It’s stretched me and shown me that I can do more than I thought I could. Be kind to yourself and get excited to learn from each days new challenges.

What did you learn during the first weeks to build your identity at the company?
Be happy when you get feedback because then you’re growing! The numerous networking opportunities with amazing people in this business kept me moving toward leadership and still pushes me today.

How do you define success with your current position?
Learning and growing in the business and being able to prepare myself and team for the next step!

How is your development impacting your outlook on your future?
It’s making me think bigger picture and longer term more than I’ve ever thought before.

What is your biggest source of motivation to excel?
My grandparents, my boyfriend Koal, and my sister Abiah inspire me to never give up on my goals. Every time I sit down and talk with Callie and Tim, I’m motivated and excited all over again.

How are you supporting your team members?
I’d love to think that by positivity and encouragement, they’re motivated to do their best, just like I felt when Tim was training me.

What do you want other team members to learn from your experiences?
Stay motivated, learn from others ahead of you and surround yourself with inspiring people. “A winner is a loser who tried one more time.”