Bullseye Event Marketing Presents June’s Spotlight: Eddie

Bullseye Event Marketing Presents June’s Spotlight: Eddie

Bullseye Event Marketing is excited to announce our June Spotlight – Eddie!

What challenges did you go through that brought you to this company?
I wanted to experience something new in my life. I’m always about growing internally and externally and was bored with the same thing every day, I needed to be challenged again.

What have you learned at this company that you didn’t learn at other jobs in the past?
Just how much ‘push and pull’ business is; how every wrong and right move impacts the company as a whole. Any little thing you switch or change might be the outcome of a positive or a negative result; you HAVE to be strategic!

What did you learn during the first weeks to build your identity at the company?
That networking is everything and not to be afraid to be the person you are! I came from many roles in my past where the company wanted to mold me into a product of what they thought best made an employee. It was definitely an adjustment coming from a corporate background where there wasn’t much intermingling, and everyone stayed within what their ‘ranks.’

How do you define success with your current position?
Ensuring that quality is number 1. Recruiting also plays a huge part for the company to expand; without the drive of getting new people in the door, the environment becomes stagnant.

How is your development impacting your outlook on your future?
Every day I learn something new, and I’ve definitely been able to bring out the ambitious side in me again. I’ve received a lot of feedback that I’m excited to apply to all the plans I have made for my near future.

What is your biggest source of motivation to excel?
Daydreaming about the possibilities I can have for myself and those around me. Nothing is unobtainable when you’re able to wake up the next day with a beating heart and a hunger to thrive!

How are you supporting your team members?
By taking care of the back ended logistics, aka paperwork. Ensuring that when I do move new applicants to 2nd or 3rd rounds, that I keep the impulse and excitement alive to bring them into our door for orientation one day.

What do you want other team members to learn from your experiences?
To strive but to not let it consume you. I believe in reaching goals but to also ensure you’re stopping to smell the roses if given the chance. Life’s too short to ONLY work, work, work. You need to enjoy the fruits of your labor as well, or else, what’s the point? Your life will be empty…balance is key!